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Master Tutor

Favourite subject: Science

Speciality: Earth and Marine Science (Chemistry and Biology)

Favourite colour: green

How long have you been a tutor: 8 years

Favourite food: rice pudding covered by fruit

What do you love most about tutoring?

Seeing a student’s confidence start to glimmer through the anxiety and stress they have when I arrive.

What is your unique approach to tutoring?

I’m a big fan of using technology! Students are shifting more and more to a digital world but more often than not, they are unaware of the potential out there to help them succeed with their studies! Programs like flashcards, personalised quizzes, study planners and heaps more are gold to students who spend all their time with technology!



Favourite subject: Maths, physics and automation

Speciality: Maths, physics, science, automation and homework management

Favourite colour: Glitter

How long have you been a tutor: Training with Tutor Canberra and my personal academic journey! 

Favourite food: Chocolate ice-cream

Hobbies: Movies and travelling

What do you love most about tutoring?

Students’ engaging in subjects they hate most - but starting to understand the topic and finding confidence.

What is your unique approach to tutoring?

I like to engage with my students and facilitate their understanding through humour and encouragement. 



Favourite subject: Commerce and business studies

Speciality: Assignment breakdown, math, homework management, primary foundations and commerce

Favourite colour: Navy

Tutoring experience: training with Tutor Canberra and my personal academic journey!

Favourite food: Avacado

What do you love most about tutoring?

I love seeing a student grow, learn and develop whilst having fun - being able to watch them become more confident is very rewarding. 

How do you learn?

Visual learner


Highly recommended TUTOR Canberra, we have Kaici and she is always professional, smiling and manages keep our son engaged for the whole lesson. He actually looks forward to the lessons and has improved so much already in maths!
- Family of grade 4 student (2021)



Subject focus:

General Math 

General Science


Experience tutoring: Trained with Tutor Canberra and have been tutoring kids in years 6 and 7 for three months prior.

Why tutoring?

 Tutoring is more than helping kids with their school work, rather it is a way to guide students out of their comfort zones and help them find the fun in learning. The role of a tutor allows me to learn from the students and helps me become a better leader. 

Favourite colour: Sage green and a nice warm yellow 

Favourite food: Cinnamon Rolls 

Teaching philosophy: Teaching can only be beneficial to both student and tutor, if the student is generally interested in the topic. To make the topics fun and get the most out of a session, I try to create a fun and casual relationship, and for me this is incredibly important. The casual jokes or even just talking about social media and other non-work related stuff can help the bond between a tutor and the student. 



Favourite subject: Modern History

Speciality: Humanities

Favourite colour: Red

How long have you been a tutor: I've trained with Tutor Canberra and have had practical experience tutoring for 12 months. 

Favourite food: Pasta

What do you love most about tutoring?

Hanging out with the kids on a student level and getting them excited about school :)

What is your unique approach to tutoring?

I really like the hands on approach for kids so getting them up and learning through play and doing life tasks.



Subjects: English, assignment help, organisation, and time management 

Experience tutoring: Trained with Tutor Canberra

Background: I started tutoring because I enjoy working with others and I find tutoring is fulfilling and engaging because I get to see students improve and help them when they are struggling. I also have a range of tricks and skills 

I like to share with others to help them on their academic journey.

Favourite colour: Blue

Favourite food: Apple pie

Teaching philosophy: My tutoring approach involves engaging, fun, and thoughtfulness. I like to design my sessions with the interests of my students so I know they will have fun and be engaged by the work, as well as being thoughtful of their worries/concerns so I can be a supportive figure and encourage academic growth. My tutoring style allows my students to develop skills, talk academically to find their best-suited learning strategies, and without a doubt have fun while studying.



Subject focus: 

Science (particularly biology and physics) and maths 

Experience tutoring:

Trained by tutor Canberra and ready to dive into the tutoring world!

I'm currently studying a Masters of Astronomy and Astrophysics with the ANU.


Inspiring the future generation is a new passion of mine but one I intend to continue for the rest of my career. Helping young minds understand that there is no limit to what you can achieve is such a rewarding experience. 

Favourite colour: Red

Favourite food: Chocolate (I’m definitely a little addicted)

Teaching philosophy: I love attempting to inspire students by showing them how what they’re learning applies to things outside of school! Engaging them and giving them context to what they are learning. Connecting with students and helping them see that everyone is on a learning journey of life that never stops.