Favourite subject: Ancient History

Speciality: English Grammar, History, Art, Assignments and Languages

Favourite colour: yellow

How long have you been a tutor: 2.5 years (6 months with TC!)

Favourite food: strawberries and oranges

What do you love most about tutoring?

When a student has a breakthrough and understands the concept/ loves the work we are doing/ applies the techniques we have worked on together/ when the effects of tutoring shine through in their school & assessment results.

What is your unique approach to tutoring?

I like to apply a step-by-step technique to all my tutoring: no matter the level/ grade of the student. I like to break down the question into the smallest part possible and build upon it. When a student can grasp understanding on the basics, I find it so much more effective to build upon that for further learning. I like to refer to it like building a house with a cornerstone/ or making a Lego sculpture for the younger kids. Every student is unique to their learning styles and I like to apply that to my tutoring. Visual: make signals and hand gestures to help focus. Auditory: clear and concise speaking and funny voices. Kinetic: Get up and move around: have a wiggle dance to refocus.



Favourite subject: Economics

Speciality: Economics and business studies

Favourite colour: Purple

How long have you been a tutor: almost a year of experience privately but new to tutoring in an awesome team!

Favourite food: pizza

What do you love most about tutoring?

When you see the student understand the concept after working hard to learn it and their confidence and enjoyment rises, when they also perform better academically and showing that hard work pays off.

What is your unique approach to tutoring?

I like to be really supportive and happy during the sessions so it doesn't feel like another hour in the classroom, also by focusing on making sure the student understands the core concepts of what they're learning, as once they understand it they can apply it to all different sorts of questions.


Senior Tutor

Favourite subject: Science

Speciality: Earth and Marine Science (Chemistry and Biology)

Favourite colour: green

How long have you been a tutor: 8 years

Favourite food: rice pudding covered by fruit

What do you love most about tutoring?

Seeing a student’s confidence start to glimmer through the anxiety and stress they have when I arrive.

What is your unique approach to tutoring?

I’m a big fan of using technology! Students are shifting more and more to a digital world but more often than not, they are unaware of the potential out there to help them succeed with their studies! Programs like flashcards, personalised quizzes, study planners and heaps more are gold to students who spend all their time with technology!



Favourite subject: Modern History

Speciality: Humanities

Favourite colour: Red

How long have you been a tutor: I've been training with Tutor Canberra for a few months!

Favourite food: Pasta

What do you love most about tutoring?

Hanging out with the kids on a student level and getting them excited about school :)

What is your unique approach to tutoring?

I really like the hands on approach for kids so getting them up and learning through play and doing life tasks.


M: 0435 067 968

ABN 33496619905

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