Professional Services


One-on-one Tuition

Tailored to the student's needs, one on one tutoring covers the subject's requirements, identifies gaps in knowledge or skills for the student and ultimately provides support and guidance on a personalised level.

This service is recommended for school age children who are struggling with class material or wish to improve their grades.


Group tuition

If the learning requirements and goals are shared by individuals, we are able to tailor a tutoring format that suits a group setting.

Tutor Canberra offers this format for their range of skill building seminars and study groups, including programs such as "100-hour study club" and "how to build your project".

Virtual tuition

One-on-one tutoring is also offered in a virtual format to suit the needs of students. 

It is a wonder that anyone finds the time to focus on themselves, but this virtual tutoring format allows for a student to remain in their pyjamas and learn learn learn!

Document with Pen

Assignment review

Once a student has completed a first or second draft of an assignment, Tutor Canberra offers an assignment review that will use the assessment rubric.

We are able to offer editing, comments, direction and provide a preliminary mark for the assessment. This is a fantastic service to use if you want to reach your highest potential in assignments. 

Piano Player

Music Tuition

Tutor Canberra now has the pleasure of offering piano and musical theory tuition through our amazing tutor Jason.

Jason has many years experience with music tuition and is excited to start working with students in 2021 who wish to start, improve and love the art of piano and music!