What to study, when, and why 👩🏽‍🎓

Look, studying is tough! The last thing you want to do when you get home from school is sit at a desk and read through your notes, I get it. BUT if you want to surf those above average marks, you’re going to have to buckle in.

Let’s look at an average student’s schedule and break it down into DO-ABLE subjects:

Monday study session will always start off rough, so I’ve made Monday red. This is when you are going to feel most volatile about studying. I like to put maths on a Monday because it is a yes/no subject. We don’t need to interpret and create opinions when it comes to math, we just need to learn through patterns and equations. 📐

Tuesday is also a tough motivation day, so let’s assign the next yes/no subject, Science. 🔋

Once you’ve made it through school on a Wednesday you’re on the way to the weekend! It’s good to study a subject that is yes/no but also need some interpretation and opinion! 🕯

Thursdays are days for making plans with friends AND studying a subject that you like! This should be an elective that you chose to do! 🎡

Fridays are for fun! BUT if you get your afternoon study done, you’ll have the whole weekend to hang out and chill! I like to do English on a Friday because you’re mind will be racing and opinions popping! 📝

You might be wondering why I have used 20 minute chunks for the schedule… check out the PULSE STUDYING blog!

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