Pulse studying 🎍

I haven’t met a student yet who looks forward to studying! But what if I told you that you COULD look forward to a good study session if you only got your timing right!

Studying should be done in clusters. These can change depending on your attention span (everyone is different) but an average time would be 20 minutes on 10 minutes off. Here is an example of a good afternoon two-hour study block:

This study block would take place between 4:30pm once you’ve gotten home and changed out of your uniform and feel relaxed and 7:00pm when the family has dinner. 🍽

Each cluster is 30 minutes in total: 20 minutes of studying and 10 minutes of relaxation. This pulse studying is good exercise for your brain and your mood! Just like interval training for runners. 🏃🏻‍♂️

You’d be surprised how fast 20 minutes goes by! I bet you spend longer browsing Facebook! AND you’ve even got time to do that in the breaks. The longer you practice this routine, the more natural it will feel. Like waves in the ocean coming onto the sand and flowing back to the ocean 🌊

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