Case studies

Current and previous students who've used Tutor Canberra

The names of the students have been changed for privacy reasons, but the characters below reflect real world tutoring that we are currently engaged in.

Oscar and sofia

Year 1 and Year 2

Siblings Oscar and Sofia currently spend an hour a week each with Liz improving their English skills. Together they practice reading and comprehension, as well as handwriting, spelling and grammar. 

By spending one-on-one time with Liz, Oscar and Sofia are able to focus on stories they love and techniques they resonate with to improve learning gaps.

Sofia is a creative soul and loves colouring in. We use comprehension directions for colouring sheets that challenge her reading and understanding whilst encouraging her creativity.

Oscar is kinetic and likes to move around to engage with his content. We make sure we have games that guide Oscar to improve comprehension and pattern recognition whilst encouraging an active approach to learning. 


Mangala and Aarav

Year 1 and Year 4

Siblings Mangala and Aarav also spend an hour each with Liz each week improving their English skills as well as math. We swap and change each week and provide enough homework to keep the concepts fresh. 

By using a whiteboard and colourful textas and pencils, Araav remains attentive and engaged throughout the session. Together Liz and Aarav make their way through an age appropriate book each lesson and discuss the story.

We have some excellent math board games that encourage Mangala to view the use of math and enjoy the application. Liz and Mangala read a novel together at a pace that is comfortable for Mangala and answer questions before, during and after to emphasise her comprehension. 


Anna and Edward

Year 10 and Tertiary

Anna and Edward have been tutoring with Hannah for 2 years now for a range of high-school subjects. Together we work on managing homework and achieving high-standards for assignments. 

Hannah helped Edward achieve entry into the tertiary course of choice and Edward received stunning reviews for his ability to improve in his work throughout the year. Now we work together to meet the rubrics for tertiary work, with Hannah assisting in the planning of and reviewing of assignments.

Anna and Hannah work from week to week on high school assignments and study planning. Together they develop achievable study goals and break down assignments into manageable and understandable chunks. This helps Anna avoid anxiety and stress around timetables and timeframes, as she has many dance lessons throughout the week. 


Hailey and Bill

Year 6 and Year 7

Hailey and Bill have also been tutoring with Hannah for over 2 years now and get on like a house on fire!

Every weekend, Hannah, Hailey and Bill spend 2 hours on Saturday hitting the books and skills for English and then 2 hours on the Sunday hitting the equations for math. Together we develop English understanding and improve comprehension through quiz games, novel reports and character creation. 

When math day rolls around, we further develop concepts covered in class and often find additional challenges for Bill to keep him challenged and engaged with the content. With Hailey fresh into high school, Hannah helps her navigate the new study environment and expectations and reviews her work to ensure she understands requirements.