Inspiration, support and motivation by students, for students.


Enthusiasm and Inspiration for Students

Our founder Hannah, started Tutor Canberra when she realised it was three hours of tutoring, after her day job, that was her future. No matter how tired after a 9-5 day in the office, tutoring after work energised and inspired her. 


After two and a half years of growth and development, Emir joined Hannah as Co-owner to bring even more potential to the company! Emir has a background in business and marketing, but much like Hannah, has found an unparalleled fulfillment in the tutoring space. Together the team hope to build Tutor Canberra to be an asset to the Canberra community and more importantly Canberra students!

That’s the kind of enthusiasm we look for in our tutors. We realise that enthusiasm is contagious and we want to share our passions with you. Whether that’s maths, languages, music, assignment review or general skill building our tutors share because they care and enjoy what they do.


Support and Training for Tutors

Hannah also realised how professionally lonely being a tutor can be. So often tutoring is the realm of the individual. Here at Tutor Canberra we strive to solve that problem by providing support and training to ensure your tutor is the best they can be.

Every tutor who joins us receives two weeks of online training modules, two weeks shadowing a senior tutor and two weeks optional support from an existing tutor on the job. That’s a six week induction to ensure all have the tools to successfully share their passion with your students. We also provide ongoing support, insurances, superannuation, and team meetings to foster connection.


Tutoring in the Modern Age


Just as we are all individuals, so is our learning style. Our tutors work with students to create personalised study plans and regimes to best suit them. Taking the stress out of organising study makes everything seem more achievable.

As technology evolves, so too does education. Here at Tutor Canberra we stay on top of all the best innovations to assist our students. Knowing how to use the latest technology to your advantage can be wonderfully beneficial for academic success in a digital world.


Learning is lifelong, and all our tutors are currently students themselves. Even our Founder Hannah is currently studying a Masters in Education in order to be the best tutor she can possibly be. So when we say we understand, and know how tough it is, we mean it.

Tutor Canberra is Canberra owned and operated assisting students from Kindergarten through to Degree completion.